Running Weak: June 24th – 30th

Monday: 5.3 @ 8:22
Morning run with Alexis.

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: 6.6 @ 7:47
Morning East Nasty run plus the extra two. Big group.

Thursday: off
More laziness

Friday: 8.1 @ 7:49
I haven’t been running because I felt run-down. I felt run-down because my work life is absolutely nuts. I hit a breaking point on Friday afternoon and had to go hit the trails at 5pm on Friday afternoon. Pretty much the perfect way to end the week.

I ran on the dirt trails at Shelby and continued to the water fountain at the far side parking lot. It turns out that is almost a perfect 8 mile out-and-back.

Saturday: 12.0 @ 7:11
Ran with the PR bandits with Greg, Jay, Dan, and Ashley.

Sunday: 8.1 @ 7:46
Back to the Shelby dirt trails. This time during the heat of the day. I took it real easy until the last couple of miles. The last mile was around marathon pace. East progression run.

I am going to be doing this route a lot more.

Summary: 40 miles
Not great, but I intentionally let myself take it easy this week. I feel much more energized at the end of the week and think I have my plan for CIM training figured out.

Marathon training starts now.