Running weak: June 17th-23rd

Monday: off
Travel day. We were flying home from Northern, CA and it took all day.

Track Tuesday: 3400m @ 5k pace, 6.2 miles total
Nashville Running Company track workout.

600m @ 5k, 400m recovery
400m @ 5k, 400m recovery
300m @ 5k, 200m recovery
200m @ 5k, 200m recovery
100m @ 5k, 100m recovery

I did two reps. I coulda/shoulda done a 3rd rep, but I was tired from travel and wussed out since there was a half-marathon to run on Saturday.

Wednesday:  5.9 @ 7:59
East Nasty route #1 in the morning. Skipped the evening run.

Thursday: off

Friday: off
More laziness

Saturday: Franklin Half-Marathon in 1:27:xx
I didn’t really have a plan and I didn’t feel like running a hard effort. I was hoping that there would be a group of us running around 1:25 pace and we could stay together for the first 6-7 miles. I talked to several people before the race and Ashley Evans was planning on doing something similar. She and I ended up running the race together (with coach Dave Milner alongside on his bike).

Jacob Carrigan showed up and I didn’t want to even attempt to try to stay with him, so we watched him go early. There were a few other guys that were running a little faster than us, but we picked them off one-by-one as the hills and the heat got tougher. By mile 9 there was no one between us and Jacob. Jon (a barefoot guy) made a move somewhere around mile 10 and passed us. There was a guy closing on us at mile 11, so I picked up the pace a little to pass Jon and ensure a second place finish and Ashley went with me. We finished in 1:27 and I didn’t bother with any cool down miles (more laziness). It finally felt like I was racing for the last mile (it was sub 6 pace).

The conditions were very challenging, but overall it was a fun race. Basically it was a marathon pace effort and we were in conversation for a good chunk of the time. Jacob ran a 1:22 for the win. Ashley won as well. If I had my head in a racing mindset I think I could have run a 1:22, but I am certain Jacob would have then run a 1:20. It is impressive how he has been able to move up to the half-marathon distance and still excel

Sunday: off
Even more laziness.

Summary: 25.1 miles
This was my lowest mileage week since my achilles injury. I was burnt out and not eating well. Instead of feeling bad about it and wishing I had run more, I am going to take it easy this week as well and make sure I am ready to resume training. I raced a 10k, marathon, and half-marathon in the past month – I earned a break.

I am feeling a little listless without much of a plan. I know I am going to run CIM in December, with The Middle Half as a tune-up race in October but training doesn’t really start until August. I think I need some intermediate goals that fit with that schedule to help me stay motivated.