Training June 10th – 16th

Monday: 5.2 @ 8:44
Monday run around downtown. Alexis was out, but Bridget showed up after seeing the run posted at NRC.

Tuesday: 6.4 miles, 4800m of interval work
Track workout with NRC. It was 4 repeats of 600/400 with a 200 recovery and 2 minutes between reps. Finished with 4x200m.

My goal was to hit 5:20 pace or better. We started out a little slow for the first couple and then picked it up. There were several guys out there about the same pace and Lee slummed it with us which was helpful.

600s: 2:08, 2:06, 2:00, 1:57
400s: 1:31, 1:21, 1:17, 1:14
200s: 0:33, 0:33, 0:29, 0:29

Feeling pretty good about those last two 200s. Last time I did this workout those were 0:35, 0:38, 0:36, 0:30. Not bad for my first track workout since February.

Wednesday: 6.2 @ 8:22
Morning run with East Nasty. This week was route #12 – The Nasty. It was hot and humid. I was a little sore from the track workout. I wanted to go back and run it fast in the evening, but my legs were sore and Greg had just told me that right after the marathon was when I might be most vulnerable to injury. I will now have to wait 12 weeks for another chance to run The Nasty in under 36 minutes.

Thursday: off
Travel day. Erica and I flew to Sacramento for her sister’s wedding. I could have squeezed in a run, but my hamstrings are still feeling shredded from Tuesday’s track workout. Better safe than sorry.

Friday: 6.35 @ 8:21
Ran on the trail behind my in-laws house in Sacramento. Erica and I ran 4 together and then I ran a couple solo. Hot and dry weather is hard for me.

Saturday: 6.6 @ 8:04
Another run on the trail with Erica. Audrey and Curtis joined us for this one. I ran with them for the first mile and then picked up the pace for another 5. Felt a little easier.

Sunday: 10.9 @ 7:36
Another run on the trail. Found another section that let me go a little further. This run never really felt easy, but I guess sometimes you have to just grind out some miles. Not sure how I am going to race a half-marathon next weekend, but hopefully that works out ok.

Summary: 41.7 miles
Not as many miles as I wanted, but I took a day off and had a good workout on the track. After Sunday’s run my left hip and right foot were both really sore. Not a bad week, but not a great one.

I wanted to hit 200 miles for June, but it is looking like that may be tough. I want to hit 50 miles next week (though Monday was off as a travel day).