Rock&Roll San Diego Marathon Week

Monday: 10k in 37:50, 2.7 @ 7:53
I had a plan. The plan was to treat the start of the 10k like the start of the marathon. I wanted to hit the first 2 miles at 6:50 pace and then a couple of miles at half-marathon pace before working my down to try and win an award (if possible). I stuck to the plan, until the gun went off :-/

I went through mile 1 at 6:20 and in 6th place. I was with a couple of guys and one of them asked the split time. As I told him I realized I had a decision to make. I could slow down to 6:50 and watch a bunch of people run away from me in an effort to stick to the plan, or I could go get 2nd place. I didn’t see much use in slowing down after I already blew the plan, so I dropped a 5:54 and was in second place before the second split.

It was a good workout, but never hurt like I was racing. Afterward Scott (who beat me by over a mile) was kind enough to run a couple of cool down miles with me. It was great to her some of his thoughts about marathon prep.

Tuesday: off
I can’t control the weather (looks like it will be hot), but I can control my nutrition and hydration. Started thinking about nutrients more seriously.

Wednesday: 6.7 @ 8:01
East Nasty morning run. This was the first “official” morning East Nasty of 2013. The group was quite a bit longer. One of the new gals joined me for the extra 2 after.

Thursday: off

Friday: off

Saturday: off (travel)

In hindsight, I tapered too much this week. Oh well. The 10k wasn’t stupid :)