Marathon Training week 15

This is the last real week of training. I am starting to get excited and nervous for Rock&Roll San Diego. I have my bib number (51370) and my corral (1). It looks like the weather is typically in the 60s (the 50s would be nice, but at least it won’t be 80). Now that this week is over it is time to taper.

Monday: 5.3 @ 8:40, 4.4 @ 9:09
Nice easy run with Alexis, Brit, and Corbit to start the week off. In the afternoon I ran in Shelby Bottoms with Erica while pushing Max in the new (used) Bob stroller that I picked up from Play It Again Sports on White Bridge Road.

Bob Jogging StrollerI am really excited about this new stroller. While Max is still small enough to ride in it, Erica and I can spend more time together while I get in some easy miles. Erica is starting to run more and I really enjoy when we get to spend time together being active. In my perfect world we would be able to run 20 miles a week together in the evenings. It would be great time together and I would be able to get up to 70+ miles a week while still doing workouts in the mornings. Hopefully it works out like that.

Tuesday: 7.3 @ 7:52
I hit the dirt trails in Shelby Bottoms. I got a little bit of a late start and didn’t really want to run, but I was glad I got out there. The trails are starting to dry out a little so there weren’t as many puddles to dodge. I ran this as a progression run with the last mile being about marathon pace.

Wednesday: 4.5 @ 8:02, 5.0 @ 8:48
East Nasty morning run with Alexis, Mark, Bailey, and Darrel. The pace was a little too slow for me this morning, but it was probably good for me to keep the miles easy since this will be my highest mileage week yet. As normally happens when Darrel is there, we had a sprint finish. My stride felt very smooth at sub 5-minute pace today. I would have loved to have run some 200s after this run.

In the evening, Erica and I went for a run in Shelby Bottoms. We hit some of the dirt trails too which was fun. On the way back we were late for the sitter, so I ran a quick half-mile to finish.

Thursday: 7.6 @ 7:51
Morning run with Mark. Ran the Music Row route. Sucks he is moving to Vegas later this month. Flew to Chicago after the run.

Friday: 7.3 @ 6:51
It is hard to run while traveling. Thursday night I went out to a steakhouse with friends after an all-day meeting. I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol and was able to get to bed on time. That set me up for success and so I got up and ran over 7 miles on the lakefront trail (conveniently only a half-mile from my hotel). I played with different paces in a completely unstructured way. It was fun, but wasn’t really a fartlek.

Saturday: 20.0 @ 7:25
I ran along the lakefront trail in Chicago. I thought I would be able to run 10 out and 10 back, but the trail ended about 8 miles in. Right before I turned around I passed a group of three guys running pretty quick in the other direction. I dropped the pace down to about marathon pace and caught up to them just before 10 miles. It was completely out of character for me, but I asked if they would mind me tagging along – maybe it was good practice for finding someone to share the work in San Diego. Turns out Andre, Ian, and Tim were pretty nice guys. They showed me some dirt trails and Chicago’s biggest “hill” (think 14 ft of elevation). I ran with them until they turned back when I was about 14 miles in. I then dropped the pace back to marathon pace for 4 miles until I started to run out of trail again (or just kinda lost the trail at Navy Pier). I trotted back to the hotel for the last couple of miles and immediately rinsed of and went to the airport to fly home.

  • My legs were pretty shot at the end of the run, but this was my highest mileage week ever.
  • I took Gu about miles 5, 10, 14, and 18 (Roctane at 14).
  • I carried my own water and didn’t refill it.
  • The marathon pace miles were into a decent headwind.
  • This was faster than last week’s 20 mile run.

All-in-all I think this was a pretty solid run. At this point my training is done and I need to taper. I feel ready.

Sunday: 5.6 @ 10:14
Easy run in Shelby Bottoms with Erica. I love these runs. My legs felt fine and I could have easily run longer and faster. Still, nice to have a super-easy day after a long run.

Weekly summary: 66.9 miles
This was my highest mileage week ever. I set out to run three 20-mile long runs after the Country Music Half-Marathon, and I accomplished that. I feel like I hit a new threshold and I could run 60+ miles every week. I am starting to get excited about the next training cycle and what is possible. For now though, I need to focus on this race. It is taper time and I feel ready. The training is done and it is going to be time to race soon.

San Diego, I am heading your way!