Marathon Training week 14

In 3 weeks, I am going to run the Rock&Roll San Diego Marathon. I have one more week of actual training and then I will do some sort of taper. I don’t feel ready yet, but that is probably a good thing. I felt ready 3 weeks out from Rocket City last December and I bombed – in large part because I slacked off the last month.

Monday: 5.0 @ 7:36
Regular morning run, but this week Alexis was out of town. Luckily Corbin (sp?) showed up.

Tuesday: 5.8 @ 6:34
Pearl Izumi N1I picked up a new pair of shoes from Nashville Running Company. After trying on almost every shoe in the store I settled on the Pearl Izumi N1.

Tuesday was supposed to be Trail Tuesday, but plans shifted and we were going to make it Track Tuesday. Then I ended up with a meeting scheduled for 5pm so I made it Tempo Tuesday and ran the 5.8 at Percy Warner in my new shoes (I couldn’t resist). It is a hilly 5.8 mile loop and the effort felt controlled the whole time, so I was pretty pleased with this workout. It was a quality day :)

Wednesday: 4.0 @ ???
East Nasty morning run. I was going to run extra, but just kinda lolly-gagged after the group run and decided to call it a morning.

Thursday: 6.2 @ 7:50
I hit the dirt mud trails at Shelby Bottoms. It was a nice change of pace. Now that it is getting light earlier, I will probably start running here pretty regularly again. Also, I received my replacement from Garmin. Happy day!

Friday: 6.0 @ 7:01
Easy run at Shelby Bottoms in the afternoon heat (~73˚). I tried to focus on lift my feet higher for the entire run (in an attempt to stop shuffling). Also added strides every 1/4 mile for the last two miles which brought the average pace down a bit.

Saturday: 20.1 @ 7:40
Ran solo, mostly on the greenway. I planned on taking this pretty easy, but did work my way down to 6:50 for a few miles towards the end. Practiced and refined my nutrition plan for the race. Took Gu at 5, 10, 14, and 18. I think on race day I will follow that plan, but add a final Gu at mile 22. The only hill on the RnRSD course comes at mile 20, so hopefully I will get that Gu boost just in time for the hill.

After the run I decided to hop in to an ice bath (something I never do). I ended the run at home, so it was a good opportunity to shock the muscles right away.

Sunday: off
I had planned to run with Erica, but we had some family stuff come up unexpectedly (yes, other than Mother’s Day).

Weekly Summary: 47 miles
I had hoped to have higher mileage and would have if Sunday had gone as expected. Still, I got in two good efforts with the Tempo on Tuesday and the long run on Saturday. Next week includes a trip to Chicago, so that will be interesting. I really need one more solid week of training, so I am just going to have to make it work.