Marathon Training Week 7

After pacing Mark the final 18 miles of the Greenway marathon

After pacing Mark the final 18 miles of a marathon

I am still dealing with the achilles issue. Results Physiotherapy has been very helpful. I just wish this issue was behind me. I didn’t run much this week, but I did get some miles in. I also did lots of “toe yoga” :-/

Monday: 3.0 @ 7:56
Went to a PT session at Results. They watched me walk and were like “whoa! you have a lot going on there, uhhhhh.” Felt very disheartened afterwards.

I needed to get out an run just to convince myself that my foot wasn’t broken. I went out for an easy run, but halfway through I found myself running marathon pace. I guess I was excited to be able to run.

Tuesday: 3.9 @ 7:57
Got some more miles in. My achilles still was sore.

Wednesday: off

Thursday: off

Friday: off
Went to a PT session at Results. Promised to take it easy this weekend. :-/

Saturday: off

Sunday: 18.3 @ 8:06
Mark was running the Greenway Marathon and I needed to get some miles in. I didn’t want to go to the East Nasty run b/c I wasn’t sure if I would have to drop out or not and the Greenway route would be pretty dropout friendly. I met Mark at his 8th mile as he passed Wave Country. My plan was to run back to that spot which would give me about 11 miles. If things weren’t going well I would stop and walk back. If things were going great, maybe I would go a little longer.

My achilles was sore, but it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t plan for a long run (started dehydrated and un-nourished and didn’t bring any nutrition). Despite all of that, I decided to run Mark in to the finish. It ended up being over 18 miles for me and a really great day of running.

Weekly summary: 25.2 miles
Obviously still way less miles than I want, but there are some positives this week. The therapy with Results Physiotherapy seems to be making a difference. I ran more miles this week than I did last week. I also ran my longest run of the year (so stupid).

I am confident I can run even with the sore achilles, so that is good. I bet I can even run a BQ time in San Diego with it hurting the whole time. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, but the 18 miler was confidence boosting in a weird way.