Marathon Training Week 4

This is my second week in a row without taking a day off. It is starting to get easier to put the miles in, which means that my body is adjusting to this higher level of training stress. I started with a couple weeks of easy running, then added in some targeted workouts while maintaining consistent weekly mileage. Next week, if my achilles holds (more on that later), I think it will be time to start adding a few more miles per week and hold there for a while.

Twelve more weeks of training until Rock & Roll San Diego Marathon. I am getting really excited and feel like I am training to run the marathon I know I am capable of.

Monday: 5.5 @ 8:23
Nice and easy start to the week.

Tuesday: 6.9 @ 7:42
NRC Run Fast track workout: 4 x (600m @ 5k, 200m recovery, 400m @ 5k, 1-2min rest) followed that up with 4 x 200m w/ 200m recovery.

Good workout. I felt like I was pretty consistently hitting 5:20 pace on the 600s and 400s. Ran the 200s progressively faster with the last one in 30 seconds. I have a newfound respect for 30/40s. Holy shit!

Would love to go out and hammer a bunch of 200s one day, but I think it would be more like 30/80s. Not sure that is the kind of work I need to do for the marathon though. Maybe this Summer.

Wednesday: 4.3 (forgot my watch)
Easy run until nature called. Then it was a sprint to the house :-/

Thursday: 8.1 @ 7:05
Ran solo to Music Row and back. Was planning for this to be a tempo run, but I hit snooze too many times in the morning and had to run in the afternoon. A tempo run on the streets during rush hour was a stupid idea. I had a few fast miles on the way back (which was the plan), but started hitting red lights and got frustrated. Much easier to do this run at 6am than 5pm.

My left hamstring and right achilles felt pretty sore and tight for the first few miles.

Friday: 7.6 @ 8:08
Roughly the same route as Thursday. Great easy run with Mark. Ran into Daniel and Allison too. My right achilles felt sore at the start, but got better as we warmed up.

Saturday: 5k in 17:40
Run4MissionsErica and I both raced the Run4Missions 5k in Hendersonville. She ran a massive PR which was very cool. This was a much needed rust-buster for me since I haven’t raced since early December. I really wanted to get out there and test my fitness.

The good news: I took second overall behind Jacob Carrigan. This was also only a few seconds off my 17:33 PR which was a week or two after my 1:22 half-marathon PR. I am going to take that to mean I am back in roughly the same shape I was in then.

The bad news: I didn’t PR. I PRed every race I ran in 2012 (excluding the race with my dog Charley in December). I am going to have to work harder for faster times now. My achilles hurt like hell after the race.

The spin: I have 8 weeks until I race the Country Music Half-Marathon. This race tells me that I still have quite a bit of work to do before then. This race also came in the middle of my 4th 50 mile week in a row. I think that if I focus on consistency and following the plan I have laid out for myself, I will be ready for CMM and then ready for Rock&Roll San Diego. I may hop in another 5k in March to look for any signs of progress.

Sunday: 13.7 @ 8:41
Ran with the East Nasty marathon group. Ran from Shelby Park to the CMM course and then around that for a bit. My achilles was still sore, so I didn’t have a firm plan and decided to play it by ear. Stayed nice and easy and with the group for the first 5 miles. At that point I decided that my achilles wasn’t feeling any worse, so I might as well push it and shoot for 5 miles at MP and then maybe 5 miles at HMP.


When I got towards the end of Belmont my achilles was hurting pretty good. Changed the plan to an easy jog back, but even that was too hard. Had to stop an massage it and walk it off a couple of times. The 8:41 pace includes the walking, so I was hitting the MP section pretty good.

Weekly total: 50.4 miles
It was a solid week, but had a crappy end. I am going to ender the 5k time into some pace charts and try and do much better about sticking to those pace ranges next week. Hopefully I won’t have to take any days off next week, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

I need to keep in mind that the goal is Rock&Roll San Diego. The Country Music Half-Marathon is just a part of the training for RnRSD. I can’t have two “A” races in the same season.

The challenge of racing is to train right up to the max without crossing the line. I probably crossed the line a little bit this week :-/