Training: Feb 11th – 18th

Past 6 weeksIt feels good to be able to knock out two 50 mile weeks in a row and have it feel easy. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this success of this season will be all about consistency. So far I feel like I am nailing it (though it is still VERY early).

I am also getting plugged in to some faster runners around town. It will be great if I can get the opportunity to train with those guys some and have someone to chase in hard workouts.

Monday: 5.2 @ 8:01
Started the week off right running with friends at 6am. I love this run.

Tuesday: 8.9 @ 8:17
Ran a ridiculously hilly route with Mark. It included 16th, Eastland, Riverside, and Mt Nasty.  We decided to finish it off with the 7th Street hill through Casey Homes. He is getting ready to run the New Orleans marathon next week, so we tried to take it easy.

Wednesday: 5.9 @ 8:11
East Nasty morning run. Route #7 is pretty short, so Alexis and I added on a couple of additional miles. Had to skip the evening East Nasty b/c Erica had a meeting and I had to watch Max.

Thursday: 7.4 @ 8:11
A shorter variation of the same run as Tuesday. Cut out Riverside and finished a little faster than Tuesday. Probably the last run with Mark for a few weeks.

Friday: off
Thursday night was Valentines Day and I was in no condition to run Friday morning. Erica and I had a great Valentines dinner at Watermark. It was good for the soul.

Saturday: 8.9 @ 7:17
Hit the East Lit track with Matt. Started with a 2 mile warmup with 4x 100m strides. Then did 2.25 miles at 5:45 pace followed by 7x 500m + 100m rest. Finished with 2 miles cool down.

Sound like a weird workout? It wasn’t intended that way. Matt ran 6 miles at 5:45 pace and I was hoping to do the same. At the end of the second mile I realized I couldn’t hang, but didn’t want to leave him to finish the work on his own. I would lead a lap and then walk back 100m and pick him up again. It was actually a great workout for me and was a good way to get in a little turnover before the track workouts start on Tuesday.

Sunday: 14.3 @ 7:40
This was the weekly East Nasty half-marathon training run. The workout called for 90 minutes, but I have been trying to keep my mileage a little higher, so I ran a 3 mile (slow) warmup with the marathon training group.

After the warmup I ran the 11.2 solo. Decided about a mile into it that I should run on the lower end of my long run pace, so kept it under 7:30 pace from that point on. Seemed like most of the splits were around 7:15. I haven’t run solo in a few weeks, so it was kind of nice to just run. Felt pretty easy and controlled.

Weekly Summary: 50.6 miles
Two weeks in a row over 50 miles. This is a good start. Added in one workout and added some hills, so it is a stronger week than last week too.

Next week is the start of NRC’s Run Fast workouts. Tuesdays on the track and tempos on Thursdays. I haven’t seen the workout schedule yet, but I imagine it will be pretty close to the last two seasons. Hopefully I can keep the mileage over 50 next week, but if it needs to be a down week with more quality, that is fine too.

One thing I would like to work on is making sure I am running intentional paces. I should re-read Daniels and set my paces off my November 5k until I race again. My main worry is that I will run track and tempo workouts too fast and might not get the intended benefit.

104 days until Rock&Roll San Diego!