Nashville Software School

Today’s Nashville City Paper has an article about the Nashville Software School.

NSS serves a specific purpose — to train the next wave of software developers who will work in Nashville’s burgeoning technology industry. Every month, the Nashville Technology Council releases job market numbers outlining the hundreds of open technology positions in Middle Tennessee. The latest projections show more than 800 open tech jobs listed on the Internet.

When I first heard the idea for Nashville Software School I was a little skeptical. I have seen all kinds of “job retraining” programs that sucked. They taught narrow skills with little comprehension and just didn’t ever seem to show any results.

The work John Wark is doing is different. NSS teaches skills that are actually valuable and in demand, and they are getting results. My favorite part is that his model aligns the incentives of the school, the students, and the local tech companies. For the MBAs in the audience, that is what “synergy” actually looks like in the real world. I can’t emphasize enough how important this is. It is “holy shit, this actually works and is sustainable” important.

If you want to find upward mobility in today’s economy, go visit Nashville Software School. It is legit.