Setting Big Goals

I try to be realistic, but I also try to set my goals based on what I am capable of.

In business, I struggle to know what the entire team is capable of. As I think about it, I think I might sell the team short. In running I might also sell myself short on what I am capable of physically, but I think I might overestimate what I am capable from a time & schedule perspective.

“We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.”

When I look at what I am capable of, I set big goals. These big goals are almost more of a “Wow! Do you think I could really do that? I think it might be possible. Holy shit that would be cool! Let’s do it!!!”

The problem is that I tend to keep the big goals to myself. I think that is because I am not really committed to them.

Let’s revise my Spring race goals. I have no indication that these are actually going to happen and I think they will take some really hard work, but I think maybe, just maybe they are possible.

Tom King 5k
Original goal: new PR, < 17:33
New goal: < 16:xx

16:xx feels like a whole new level of fast. If I can get into this range than I will feel like I can really compete at the local level. 17:xx is usually good for an age group award, 16:xx is usually in contention for a top-3 finish. Of course, Tom King is a fast course and usually has a strong turnout, so 16:xx is my best bet for an age-group award.

This is a lot faster than I can run right now and the race is barely a month away. I will only get 2-3 track workouts in before the race. However, 17:04 is the equliivent of my HM goal, so I kinda need to be in this range anyway.

Country Music Half-Marathon
Original goal: qualify for NYC, < 1:19:00
New goal: same time, but fight for a top-10 finish

This is already an agressive time goal. Once I looked at the results I realized that this time would likely be in contention for a top-10 finish at this race. It doesn’t draw a super strong field, but it would be cool to be able to say I finished in the top-10 out of 20,000+.

In November I ran a 1:22 and was by myself from mile 2 on. I could have run faster that day, especially if I had people to run with. I don’t have a ton of time, but I think I have enough time to get into this shape. It is a tough course and the weather was hot and humid last year, but maybe, just maybe I can pull this off.

San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon
Original goal: sub-3 hour marathon
New goal: 2:50!

I sucked at Rocket City. My 3:22 marathon was WAY slow in comparison to my 1:22 half. I should have been able to run in the low-mid 2:50s, but I just didn’t have the strength / endurance training. I just didn’t have the training period.

This time, I want my marathon time to be respectable in relation to my half-marathon time. If I run a 1:19, that equates to a 2:46 marathon. Those kind of times would have me winning an age group award (and possibly my entire non-elite age group). San Diego should be a faster course than Country Music and the weather may even be better too. The drop in humidity alone may be good for a 5 second drop in pace.

Are these goals realistic? I think they are. Can I pull it off? I have serious doubts. However, if you told me in August that I was going to take a full minute off my new 5k PR in 3.5 months, I would have never believed it. This period of rapid improvement has to come to a close at some point; I know that. I just don’t think it will end until I have hit a long stretch of consistent training. If I can pull off the consistency and the mileage then I can hit these goals. Hell, I may even surprise myself.

If you are a more experienced runner, I would love some feedback (even if you tell me I am crazy).

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