Spring Training Begins

I have picked out my races for the Spring:

There are 17 weeks of training until San Diego, so it is time to get my ass in gear. I only ran ~60 miles in January. I lost a lot of fitness, but I think my body enjoyed the rest. Now it is time to dig deeper and find the motivation to get out there in the cold and put in some miles.

I want to get a solid block of 50 mile weeks and ideally will be able to get some 70 mile weeks in before the marathon (and maybe 1 before the half). As I was looking over last year, I realized that I actually had an amazing year considering how relatively low my mileage still is. Consistent 50 mile weeks would result in monthly mileage over 200, but I have never done better than 180. Yet last year I was able to drop my 5k PR from 19:xx in the Spring to 17:xx in November and my half-marathon PR dropped from 1:30:xx in the Spring to 1:22:xx in November. That was with a stress fracture in Feb that took me out for two months.

2013 needs to be about consistency. If I get that one thing right this year, it should be another year of setting big PRs as winning age group awards. So far I have been consistently lazy. That changes now (or changed a few days ago).

Last week I was able to put together 27 miles. A 7 mile on Wendesday evening with East Nasty, a 7 mile Thursday morning with Mark Spencer, and a 13 mile Sunday with East Nasty (including the 11.2 at Percy Warner Park). This morning I was up early and put 5 in the books before work. I am hoping to run at least 40 miles (and 6 days) this week and then start hitting 50 mile weeks for the rest of February. These next two weeks should be easy miles. On February 19th, I am starting Tuesday morning track workouts and Thursday morning tempo runs with NRC. My goal is to get my mileage up to 50mpw before then and hold it there while adding the speed work.

One other thing I want to do different this time is to keep my mileage up before and after running the half-marathon a month before the marathon. In November my mileage fell off, which helped me win the Nashville Half-Marathon and set a big PR (1:22), but set me up for failure at the Rocket City Marathon (3:22). This time I want a smaller half PR and a great big marathon PR :)