Links: Developer Resources Edition

You know what happens when you delete your facebook account? You realize there is a whole big internet out there with some really great stuff on it.

I have come across some really great resources lately and I want to share them, but also have an easy way to find the links again myself.

SQLite Browser
An open source GUI for creating and managing SQLite databases. This has saved me time in creating and managing the databases for mobile apps.

Glyphish: Great icons for great apps
A collection of icons for use in iPhone / iPad apps. These are some really great icons for tabs and toolbars. I am using them in a personal project that I am working on.

2379 Free Web Design Icons
A compilation of some really great icons for use in web development projects.

iMockups for iPad
If you are lucky enough to have an iPad and need to do application mockups, this tool is great.

A gallery or beautiful iPad application design.

Instapaper API
I have really been enjoying Instapaper as part of my workflow on the Apple Trinity. As such it makes me want Instapaper integration in the apps that I use (especially the ones that deal with URL addressable content).

Font Squirrel
Free fonts with commercial-use licenses. There are some really great fonts here that can be used in your projects for free.

Titanium 1.3
I have mentioned and linked to Titanium before. I have been a fan and a critic. Right now I am a fan. The 1.3 release is working really well for me and I am excited to see them continue to innovate in the mobile development space.

What do you get when you put all of these resources together? My little pet project (let me know if you are interested in testing it in the next week or two):



  1. Have you tried Delicious for filing away links like this?

    I use it regularly for categorizing information I may (or may not) need at a future date.

  2. I have used delicious, though I don’t use it anymore. (

    Part of the reason for the post was that someone else also wanted a summary of these links 😉

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