Consumers Take Control

It has not been a good morning for the iPhone in my aggregator. First it lost a head-to-head in a VC’s take on the iPhone vs Blackberry. Then Dave Winer came out and said that after a month with the iPhone, it is not as easy to use as his Blackberry. He goes on to lament how different things would be if only there was a real SDK for the iPhone.

Ironically it was only a couple of hours later that I saw the announcement that open source software is now running on the iPhone. It is only a matter of time before there is an unofficial SDK.

If Apple is not careful they are going to lose control of their device. Then again, a recurring theme in this brave new world is that if you try to control something too much you eventually loose what little control you had in the first place.

Update: As soon as I hit post I saw the iPhone has been hacked to work as a modem. See!?!!!


  1. […] Jackson Miller notes that there’s lots about the iPhone today on the web. Amazing confluence. When I wrote my review I hadn’t seen any of the other pieces, including a review comparing iPhone and Blackberry (!) by Mark Hendrickson on TechCrunch. […]

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