Managing Years Worth of Posts

Like monkeys equipped with typewriters, bloggers are a prolific bunch. Many of us have now been doing this blogging thing for 5 years or more. For the first few years I didn’t write nearly as I do now, but over the years I have accumulated over 2000 posts. I imagine there are a fair number of bloggers who are close to 5000 posts (or more).

Yet, there are not very many good tools for looking at all those entries. Granted, most of mine are drivel and crap, but there are some gems in there too.

Tag clouds provide an interesting way to view content regardless of when it was written, but ‘tagging’ didn’t exist until last year. Frequently accessed posts (most popular, most commented, etc) provide another tool to keep the good stuff visible. Unfortunately, those kinds of attention based ‘best of’ lists are probably self-fulfilling prophecies (or just show the posts with titles consisting of a particularly common search phrase).

Anil Dash has created a table view of links to his archives. It is his favorite way to see his archives, but I am not much of a fan. I like to see the number of posts in a given month.

While I am talking about archives, I would like to have an archive view of my blog that was point in time, including sidebar items, etc. Not necessarily a static picture of what my blog looked like then, but more like the flick pictures and links being no newer that the most recent post on that page.