Ruby on Rails Killer?

Howard Ship is the guy behind Tapestry which is one of the better component frameworks out there. In a post today he is drawing attention to PRADO which is a PHP component framework that is based on the ideas in Tapestry. I haven’t checked out PRADO in a long time but it looks like they are still moving forward and making good progress.

The thing that stood out the most in Howard’s post was this comment:

Still, best of luck … but don’t expect any framework, on any platform, to keep up with Tapestry 5!

Those are bold words. I do believe that he is capable of raising the bar. I believe Rails is the way to go now, but I can see Tapestry and Rails battling it out. It looks like PHP will be left to try and copy innovations instead of making them.

On a related note, there have been a couple of times lately that ActiveRecord has left me yearning for Hibernate. And I agree that it is a wasted venture to abstract an ORM.


  1. People will never leave Ruby for Java. People will (and have) left Java for Ruby. Please think before you post.

  2. People will leave Ruby for Java. Sure, it would be really rare right now, but it will happen. And some people will switch back and forth.

    The idea of Java has always been better than the implementation, but Java is learning from other tools now. And who knows what will happen with the Java source code being more accessible.

  3. What type of smart-ass types “Think before you post”. Sounds like he needs to wash his “I [heart] Ruby” T-Shirt and relax a little.

  4. I am maintaining a legacy Java application that uses several things from the open source community as Spring, Hibernate, jBPM, Tapestry. It is a real mess of intertwined XML sit-ups. Several OGML and CGLIB and AOP stuff that makes it really difficult to debug. Without the proper documentation of the project it is a pain in the @$$ to find out what is going on. Tapestry seemed nice when you look to simple examples, but when you have several dozen pages to deal with you get really tired having at least 3 files per page (.page/.jwc, .java, .html, .properties). I wouldn’t recommend it. I would choose the simpler Tiles over Tapestry any day. Better: I would really recommend Rails over anything available right now.

  5. intresting, but not real imho

  6. intresting, but not real imho

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