Notes From the Shop

My PowerBook and my Altima are both in the shop getting repaired. While Nissan (Mike Creque) is renting me a loaner car (Ford Focus), Apple has left me computer-less (I tried to get a loaner though). Still, both situations are teh suck.

I took my Altima in a month or two ago because it was making a knocking noise. They told me it needed a new timing chain and that it was under warranty. They gave me a loaner car and took their sweet time getting mine fixed. While it was there my airbag mysteriously went bad and they claimed it was not their fault. They had to replace a very expensive switch unit on my steering wheel. It was well over a week before I got my car back. When I got it back a service manager made a comment that it sounded like shit. I quickly noticed that they did not put the dash together properly. I called and asked them to fix it when I brought it in for my next oil change.

Then when I was driving my car a couple days later I heard a horrible sounds that sounded like my brakes were grinding on the rotors. I took it back and asked them to look into it since I had just had my brakes done a few months before. Much to my surprise the called and let me know my brakes were fine and that it was something they messed up when replacing my timing chain. There was more to this story than I was being told.

So then last week it starts making another noise. I made an appointment on Friday and took it in. They didn’t get it done when they thought they would so I got a loaner (it sounds much easier than it was). Yesterday they call asking about the service history for the car. Today they call and tell me that they are probably going to have to replace the engine and that it is not under warranty. Bull shit!

Turns out they were a little confused and it is under warranty (again, it sounds much easier than it was). I have no idea when I am going to get my car back, let alone what kind of shape it is going to be in when I get it. I am really starting to run out of patience.

On an unfortunately-related note, my PowerBook is still in the shop. A week ago today they told me that it was going to be no more than a week and probably less. My laptop is not going to be ready today.

Why they fuck is it so hard to get decent service? I could, but won’t, share long stories about BellSouth, Comcast, SprintPCS, Speakeasy, Vonage, AirTech, SunTrust and more.

One thing is true: You don’t get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate.

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  1. I feel your pain. I wish I lived in NYC and didn’t have to own a car at all. It’s less about saving money and more about being pretty sure I’m being screwed whenever my car needs service.

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