Blog Business Models: What Strategies Make Money

Blog Business Summit presentation by Chris Pirillo and Marc Canter.

[I will be real interested to know how close this is to my post last week Blogs, Hype, advertising, and Agility]

How to combine consilting with blogging with open source, etc. Every business needs change.

How Marc’s company does it:

build digital lifestyle aggregators, help create and promulgate open stantards: FOAF (friend of a friend),, more coming… [ TekZen??? 😉 ].

What are Digital Lifestyle Aggregators?

Web 1.0 lost money. Web 2.0 has a number of charicturistics:

  • Built on an open-source infrastructure. No longer build on windows and macs, now based on APIs, tagging (Flickr,, WebJ (sharing Mp3 playlists)
  • Everyone can participate (TypePad, Blogger, etc)

Ourmedia is for built in media for content tools. i.e. using public photos within the blog editor to include relevant pictures in your posts, etc

Talks about a guy (in Boston) who will collect money for people using ourmedia (and flickr) pictures in for-profit ventures. Similar to the music thing collecting money for performers on recordings.

Chris says…

email is dead (pdf)

He handed out RSS buttons.
Started email newsletter in 1996 about technology ( He says email is dead as a communications tool. [I disagree, I think email stays as a semi-private one-to-one or one-to-few, blogging will be public one-to-all (I have said this before on this site)].

[The bio section is a little long]

“Any thing that Comcast touches turns to crap.” Chris Pirillo re: TechTV

[I do agree that email will die, take note guys, RSS is better for announcements. It is more viral and has longer lasting results.]

He doesn’t seem to actually be answering the question of how to make money blogging. The closest he has come is kinda to make yourself famous and then have sponsors. He has just reverted to “Call 4 Help” host explaining how video works.

Unfortunately, this event is alot like blogosphere, a bunch of people watching a few people thinking out loud and referencing each other over and over again. my thoughts, not Chris’

Ok, back on track again. (sort of)

He will accept press releases because he can monitize them. He says that he can monetize them and mentioned AdSense (my thoughts on that).

basically he as a categorized page full of Google AdSense. whoop-i-ty-do. He is going to do a seminar on how to make $500 a day on free content.
[Want to make money blogging? Get a profitable site and then sell your techniques to others. That is something I have been thinking about doing.] [He is actually suggesting scrapping Amazon instead of using their affiliate program.]
“I can cover everybody’s house payment with what I am making.”

audience question: how can a company make money with AdSense?
answer: “Depends on the business model. I don’t know.” [exactly what I though]

“The purpose of this conference is to get you guys thinging about these things. Again, I have been doing this for a long time.”

Scraping ebay too. He doesn’t like affiliate programs. “I will never hire another sales person again as long as I live.”

[off topic, yada yada]

He says that when he sees someone say something dispariging about him he comments on the blog with the remarks. We will see.